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Key corporate milestones

1924. Establishment of the Soviet Russia State Variety Testing Network (SVTN) with 23 variety plots for testing 5 major crops.

1937. Reorganization of the SVTN into a single all-Union system as a part of the State Commission for Varietal Testing of Grain Crops and a network of variety testing plots.

1937-1938. Allocation of 1,055 state-owned plots and establishment of State Commissions for testing of potato, vegetable, melon, fruit berry and grape varieties, and also foundation of grain compliance laboratory.

1993. Adoption of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Breeding Achievements” with subsequent reestablishment of the entire state breeding achievements testing system.

1994. Foundation of the State Commission of the Russian Federation for the Testing and Protection of Breeding Achievements (Gossortcommission) in its current form.