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The procedure and form for submitting media requests to the Press Information Department of the Gossortommission

Requests for interviews or comments by officers of central and regional staff of the Gossortommission should be submitted by e-mail (press@gossortrf.ru).

Requests made out on the editorial form should be signed by the responsible manager (editor-in-chief, line editor).

Request composition:

  • subject;
  • list of questions;
  • indication of preliminary agreements or suggestions about the comments of a specific official of the Gossortommission;
  • contact information of the editorial office and newsperson (phone, e-mail).

Comments or interviews shall be approved by responsible officials of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Gossortommission” within the period set forth in the Federal Law No. 2124-1 as of 12/27/1991 (Law on the Mass Media).

Liaison: Sergey Fedorov, chief PR officer (press@gossortrf.ru, +7 (495) 607-49-44)


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